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Day 1:

Growth Plan:

Theory of Brands & How Brands Grow: the consumer perspective

Theory of Mental and Physical Availability

Theory of Portfolio Strategy – optimizing your assets against market opportunities


 Day 2:

Theory of Consumer Insights

Theory of Brand DNA

Building the brand story

Using the Brand Story for Consistent Brand Management

Reflection: where to improve your ways of working?

Day 3:

On site working sessions with prioritized brands & teams

Review learnings

Review status quo of brand

Develop next steps to implement Growth and Game Plan

Global Best Practice: Growth and Game Plan

R360 000,00Price
  • The workshops are in a classroom format with a highly skilled practitioner leading the discussion. Workshops are a mix of theory and application with group work and feedback. Content is customised to your business and requirements. Handy tips and templates are provided. Usually 6 hours, off-site.  

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