How to work better with your Agency


Managing agencies can become a full time job!


If you have channel-specialized agencies, you could land up with an integration nightmare of having to integrate messaging, timing,

strategies, tone of voice and so on across up to 12 agencies, like this:


  1. Brand/Traditional media

  2. Digital

  3. Social

  4. PR

  5. Sponsorship

  6. Events

  7. CRM

  8. Direct

  9. Activation/Exoeriential

  10. Shopper/Retail

  11. Promotional

  12. Design/Visual Identity/CI

  13. Media

  14. Digital Meda

  15. Content


And so on. The result is frustration, turf wars, duplicated resources and costs, extra time and compromised communication.


This stream with the skills you need to manage agencies - how they work, how to work better with them, what are the key inputs to great creativity, what does great creativity even look like, how do you manage integration, how do you measure agency performance?


Review our Agency Optimisation & Management Modules and Learning Outcomes below or check the Airtable for the full list of available modules.

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